Real Estate                                  

                                                                            By Govind Kumar            Buyers    


B2) Wants to buy 3 lakh plot near Guruvayur

B3) Wants to buy 10 lakhs house near Guruvayur       

B4) Wants to buy 4 lakhs house near Guruvayur

B5) Wants to buy 20 cents near Guruvayur

B6) A lady Doctor wants to buy a 2 bedroom flat in Guruvayur

B7) Wants to buy 3 Bedroom Apartment or house under 20 lakhs. 

B8) Old Type House needed at Guruvayur or Trichur with 25 cents land. Should have motorable road. 

B9) Wants to buy 40 cents at Irinjalakuda 


B10) Wanted a plot or plot plus house within 10 kms of Trichur Town. 

B11) 6 cents needed for building Office Building in Guruvayur.    

B12) 40 to 100 cents in Trichur

B13) Wanted land in Trichur 20/30 cents of land without building

B14) Petrol Bunk wanted in Trichur/Palakkad.

B15) Wanted CBSE/Aided/Unaided schools for outright sale. 

B 16) Looking for 15-20 cents of land in Trivandrum with lorry
access for house construction. 

B17) We  need a plot (within 25 to 50 cents)  preferably in village area having road/essential facilities.  The land should be having water/electricity facilities.  It should be an agricultural & residential one. Our budget is up to 5 lacs (total).

B18) Wants to buy A Good Property (10 cents) with/without house RCC


B19 ) Wants one  bed room flat in Guruvayur not more than 1km from sree
Krishna Temple .Ground or 1st floor.

B20)  Wants to buy villa at guruvayur Temple / Nalukettu in 4 kms range. 

B21) Wants to buy independant double storied House with 10 - 15 cents of land in Calicut, Guruvayur or Edappal 

B22) Wants to buy 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom flat near Guruvayur temple. 

B23) ONGC Engineer from Delhi wants a flat or House at Trichur or Guruvayur. Budget 25 lakhs. 


B24) Wants to purchase a flat with a price on 6/7 lakhs in Delhi-New Delhi in NCR regions as well. 


B26) To buy 3 Bedroom Flat or House, very close to Trichur West Fort Area. Area should be residential and decent.

B27) Wants to purchase House at Palghat. Budget 5-6 lakhs. 

B28) Wants to buy house - Budget 12 lakhs at Guruvayur. 

B29) Needs 10 cents with Old House in Ottapalam near Bharathapuzha

B30) a mid age/modern house with some land around at budget of 5 to
8 lakh near trichur

B31) Wants to buy a flat or a small house in Trichur (preferably
puokunnam area or on way to Gurvayur)or Guruvayur -budget 6 to 8 lakhs

B32) Wanted 2200 sq feet plot for building Old Age Home. Must have access to hospital, Rly Station etc. 

B33) Wants to buy 5 to 10 Cent plot with/without house (asphalted
roadside) close to Pattambi town

B34) Wanted Rented House at Sama Road, Gujarat for 1 1/2 years

B35) Wanted 2/3 Bedroom house in Palghat Town

B36) Wanted near Trichur Town 4-5 lakhs.

B37) Wantd 5-6 lakhs House or 5 cents plot

B38) Wanted 3 Bedroom flat- 4-8 lakhs - in Palghat, Trichur or Ernakulam 

B39) Description:i am looking for a property in Palakkad town (or near town or
with in 4km). 2 or 3 bedroom house.

B40) Want to buy flat near by trichur town. Budget between 4 to 5

B41) Wants to buy flat or House + 5 cents plot. 1200 sq feet flat in Guruvayur 

B42) Require an independent house or flat below 5 lacs near Gvr or Mammiyur temple.

B43) Looking for a flat at Gvr Temple studio or single BD 

B44) Wants land around 20 cents in Trichur Town. 

B45) Looking for plots with or without house or flats 2/3 BD near Nedumbassery ( Cochin )

B46) Wants to buy a House at TVM with a budget of 5/6 lacs

B47) Wants to buy House at Palghat Town, Olavakode at 6/7 lacs budge

B48) Wants to buy 2 BHK in Delhi

B49) Wants to buy a Residential plot with House in Quilon

B50) Wants a buy 4 lakh house in Gvr.  

B51)Wants Flat within 5/6 kms of Gvr

B52) Wants plot or house or flat

B53) Wants a 2 BD Flat in Kochi, near Waterfront. Price no problem

B54) Wants 10/20 acres of vacant/farm/estate/around @1500 per cent in Ekm, Trichur, Palghat

B55) Big & small plots needed in Nedumbassery

B56) Wants new house in Ottapalam - New - 5/6 lakhs budget.

B57) 3 BD House( new ) at Palakkad within 5 kms.

B58) Plot required 10 cents in/around Trichur 2-3 kms from Trichur Round or Villa required around 5 kms from Trichur Round. 

B59) 2/5 acres of Plain/fertile land in Palghat. 

B60) Farm lands and estates needed at Kodaikkanal, Ooty, Athirampilly, Munnar, Thekkady

B61) Need 10 cents in/around Calicut or Kannur 

B62) Requires land 10/15 cents in Palghat 

B63) For Rent required Camp Office 2000 sq feet at Trichur

B64) To buy an office for Fast Food Shop in Kochi 

B65) To buy 10/20 cents plot in Guruvayur 

B66) To buy 10 cents in South Trichur 

B67) Around 10 cents of residential plot for house contruction 5 kms from Trichur town

B68) To buy 15 acres land for starting a farm at Chennai - Bangalore road within a radius of 80-100 kms from Chennai Centre.

B69) 50 lakhs buyer for buildings with monthly income. 

B70) Wants to buy flat in Bangalore for less than 25 lakhs

B71) Needs a second hand 2 BR flat costing 8 lakhs.

B72) 1 BD flat wanted or a small house within 5 lakhs

B73) Vacant land required at Munnar, near Mahindra Resort Club, upto 15 lakhs

B74) 10 lakhs budget. Wants 15/20 cents near Guruvayur. 

B75) Wants 2 B/D flat at around 7 lakhs. 

B76) 10 cents in Trivandrum city

B77) Want 10 acrs of land , in palagat for spice cultivation. 1000
Rs per cent with road and water.

B78)Wanted single bedroom flat within 10 km of Trivandrum city.
Price around 5 lacs.

B79) I want 4 bed room House in Hyderabad - budget within 20 lakhs


B81) I would like to spend 10,00000 only for plot. My ambition Pavaratty, if there is any thing please let me know

B82) Trivandrum land + house within 13 lakhs

B83) Agri land in Palghat 15 - 20 acres 

B84) Wanted 3 - 5 acres land + house in Palghat

B85) Wanted Flat in Bangalore 1000-2500 sq feet 


All Negotiable Contact -  Ph 91 0487 2552851 (O) Ph 91 0487 2422060 ( R) email - Mobile (0091) 93885 56053


1)Bosco Jacob  Wants agri land upto 2 acres ( within 6 to 8lakhs per acre )

2)Needed 8-10 cents of Land along with at least 1500 square feet
house with plenty of well water in and around Palakkad for 13 lakhs
budget...Those who are interested to sell may please contact me at the
above phone number or mail address..Thanks.   Narayanan

3)Immediately need a house in Palakkad not exceeding within Rs.
14 lakhs with well and all other amenities.

4) Urgently require unfurnished 3 B+H+K flat somewhere near
Guruvayoor Temple. Offer value should be Rs.10-13 Lakhs

5)Looking for a new or old (mana/nalukettu type) well maintained
independent house with 8-10 cents of land somewhere close to
Guruvayoor/Parthasarthy/  Mammiyoor temple. Approx budget Rs.

6) I am looking for a built in house in the range of 15-20cents.
The ideal place would be in and around Kunnamkulam, Trichur

7) I am interested to purchase a suitable House Plot with 5/6
cents of Land with/without  house at Guruvayur. I prefer walkable distance
from Temple and my Budget is 15 Lakhs

8) Description:looking for a flat 4 to 5 lakh ernakulam or trichur or a small
plot in eranakulam same budget plz email

9) independent house at/near kuntenellur,20 lacks

10) Description:looking for a flat 4 to 5 lakh ernakulam or trichur or a small
plot in eranakulam same budget plz email

11)Looking for a property in palakkad town or near to palakkad
town within 4 km

12) Planningto buy a 2 BHK in Banglore.Within 20 lakhs.
Plz contact me if

13) House with plot required near
Valanchery/Kuttippuram/Kadampuzha in Malappuram District.  Budget within
5-6 Lakhs

14) wanted a flat or house in guruvayoor.2 or 3bedroom

15) I wish to purchase plot/flat in the vicinity of ( around 5
kms) of Guruvayur Temple. Please let me know, if any, with the details.

16) Want to buy built house in Palakkad - near city area

17) Wants to have One/Two Bedroom house / apartment near
guruvayoor temple with in a normal budget (8-10 Lakhs)

18) I am looking for a double story villa in or near
Ayyanthole, Thrissur. My budget is around 15 to 20
lakhs. Please mail me in details. I am in Dubai and
planning to come in June.

19) Want to buy 15-20 cents near to Guruvayur Temple. Within 1 or
1.5 km distance from the temple.

20)Looking for a Residential House in the outskirts of palghat
town for a budget of 10-15Lakhs.

21) interested in buying a small flat at Palghat, Coimbatore or

22) Available Ground + 1 Bunglow with 29 cents land having  Living
Room / 2 Bedroom self contained on both floors with most modern aminities
at Chandranagar on Coimbatore Road, just 2 Minutes walk from

23)wanted agriculturelands at tiruvallur, ramanjeri, kanakamma
satram, poondi

24) Could you please inform any Single Bedroom flats are available at Trichur, Near PC Thomas Entrance Coaching Centre on Rental.

25) upto 5 lacs. Residential Land with all facilities in and
around EKM, Thodupuzha

 26) 10 cent land in and around kodakara (trichur)

27) I am in search for a flat 2 bed room near guruvayur temple.

28) one beroom flat in south delhi in 5 lakhs

29) Wants to buy 10 cents plot in Pavaratty, Budget 5Lakh]

30)plese give a detail of 30*40 sq feet plot in range of rs 50000 any where in india

31)  I am looking for a flat or house at Guruvayur. My budget is
4-5 lakhs. It is not necessary it is proper Guruvayur or sorrounding

32) flat,bangalore sub urban,10 to 12 lakhs immediate purchase

33) looking for a new house haveing two bed rooms, dinning, kitchen, work area in trichur town

34) Looking for minimum 15 acre of land  in palghat district with access to road and suitable for herbal project. Price RS 800 to 1000 per cent

35) independent house / duplex with 3 bed rooms, hall, dinning, kitchen, store, sit out, car garage in 10 to 15 cents in pahanzji, trichur district, kerala

36) Looking for house plot or house/flat near guruvayoor temple or mammiyoor

37) I need a residencial polt at Trichur Between town and Ollur or Town and Olari in Kanjani route

38) I want to buy a land near the road side in trichur district
preference is amala,pavaratty,trichur -kunnamkulam highway.My budget is
5-7 Laks.

39)I want to buy a flat/small villa near trichur or calicut

40)  10 cent. (approx.) Plot with or without house required near
Guruvayur Temple. Price range 8-10 lakhs

41) House with two/three bedroom at Chelakkara, Trichur Dist. Budget  around 8 lacs

42) i am looking for a plot in ootty 5 to 10 cents in good location for making a cottage.

43) Willing to buy lands 30-60 cents with road facility. Kodugallore, Trichur, Triprayar area prefered. Price can be up to 12 Lakhs.

44) Need 5 or 10 cent plot need kunnam kulam calicut main road ( located parem padam to akkikavu)

45) This is K. S. Reddy from vizag, I'm looking for 5 to 6 acres land (rubber feilds) in kerala, kindly let me know if there are any

46)Wanted 3 acres to 5acres land with house in palakkad
distroct.agricultural land prefrable, lrger quantity alos acceptable.


48) Interested in buying a flat near Guruvayur - one bed
room/drawing/kitchen/balcony approx price Rs.5 lacs

49) 10cent in tvm city

50)want 10 acrs of land , in palagat for spice cultivation. 1000
rs per cent with road and water.

51) 4 bed room double-storeyed house having the following: Main
Hall cum Dining, Living Room, 4 Bed Rooms, 2 Kitchen, 4 Bath Cum

Toilet, 1 Pooja room, Car & Scooter Parking, Terrace, 24 hrs
Water[Corporation & Borewell], separate electric connection,

Staircases both from inside and outside. Contact:T.A.Ravikumar
One of the floors can be rented out as the water & eletric connection is
separate, and one room[ground floor] can also be used as office [office
cum residence]. Ideal located near to Ernakulam North Railway Station, MG
Road, High Court/proposed Vallarpadam Container Terminal.


53)Want 4 room house in hyderabad and I am having a budget of 15-20 lakhs

54) Wanted single bedroom flat within 10 km of Trivandrum city.
Price around 5 lacs.

55) I would like to buy a home/apartment near kunnamkulam /guruvayur valuing around 8 lakhs. If avaluable, kindly let me know.

56) Description:need a plot ,within 100,0000/ RS in trichur DT,not more than
12KM from town

57)Looking for a house near and around guruvayur,Iringapuram,
kottapadi(kunnamkulam grv road),Lf College around RS 8-10 lakhs


59)thiruvanthapuram land and house with in 13 lak four weller way

60)We are from Sharjah , U A E , interested in buying agricultural land in palghat dist about 15 - 20 Acre for agricultural and investment

61)Wanted 3 acres to 5acres land with house in palakkad distroct.agricultural land prefrable, lrger quantity alos

62)This is K. S. Reddy from vizag, I'm looking for 5 to 6 acres land (rubber feilds) in kerala, kindly let me know if there are any

63)Need 5 or 10 cent plot need kunnam kulam calicut main road ( located parem padam to akkikavu)